Vancouver Okinawa Taiko

Ambassadors of Okinawan Folk Performing Art

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko, formerly known as Yuaikai Ryukyu Taiko, is an Okinawan taiko dance group that was formed in Metro Vancouver in 2004. The group wishes to be “ambassadors” of Okinawan folk performing art in which Okinawan style drumming and dancing combine together along with traditional as well as contemporary Okinawan music.

The group is inclusive, with a mix of generations. From youth as young as six years old to others in their 50s, the group’s members reflect a true presentation of grassroots folk art.

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has performed at numerous multicultural festivals, neighbourhood charity shows, Japan night at the Mariner’s Safeco Field and the Cultural Olympiad 2008.

Venue / Time

Vancouver Art Gallery Stage  
14:45 – 15:15

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