Taiwanese Social Activism In Indonesia

Eden Liu – Soesmans1866 Co-founder


Eden is the co-founder of Soesmans1866 and also has a full-time job as a manager in a traditional manufacturing factory in Indonesia. Despite his studies in business management, he discovered his passions as a heritage renovation consultant or entrepreneurship coach. At first, his job was to assist the local government in renovating historic buildings based on the case studies of Dihua Street and Huashan Creative Park (both successful renovations in Taiwan). In the blink of an eye, he has worked in Indonesia for nine years. 

Soesmans Kantoor is a heritage site more than 150 years old left by the Dutch in central Java, the biggest island of Indonesia. Semarang is the third city he has been to in Indonesia. It is here that Eden wants to share why such a charming city would be a good base for a new startup company, with its unique cultural value and potential market opportunity.


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