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For more than 20 years, TAIWANfest has evolved from a community base or a diaspora event to a platform where communities come together to create dialogue over our diversity.  Charlie Wu, Managing Director of the organization, has collaborated with Taiwanese publisher Gūsa on a book, “Taiwan, the world’s answer.”  This book documents the changes that took place over the span of Charlie’s career and how he has seen being a Canadian helps his own journey to find his Taiwanese identity.  He encourages newcomers to Canada to adapt a mindset of relevance when sharing their own cultures in Canada.  The same approach actually inspires many Taiwanese, as Taiwan has constantly been isolated on the world stage.  While the book title suggests he has the answers for Taiwan, it is more of his mindset when talking to Canadians about the relevance of Taiwan.

The two writers, Sisi Chang and Kai-Chun Huang, and the editor, Joshua Wang, have never attended the festival.  However, through writing this book and researching about Canada, they find themselves taking new perspectives examining their own understanding of being Taiwanese.  All three of them are in the prime of their writing or publishing career but they also represent a generation of Taiwanese perhaps different from what you might have thought before.  They will join TAIWANfest as they share their answers about being Taiwanese!

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