Taiwan, A View with South Korea in Mind


Born in Korea, Rex How moved to Taiwan for university and has lived there for nearly fifty years. Having lived experiences in both cultures, How asks: In what ways are South Korean society and Taiwanese society different, despite sharing similar historical trajectories? 

The book Taiwan Unbound reminds the world that Taiwan is an island surrounded on all four sides by water, and the empowerment of existing amidst the sea. How explores the freedom and boldness of the water, which can be found in many Taiwanese women, the subject of the photography anthology “Tai-Niu.” South Korean reporter Lee Yong-ma’s book “I Believe the World Can Change” holds up a mirror for the Taiwanese to confront themselves and their tomorrows. Following Pope Francis’ biography and reflecting on today’s society, How challenges the future to “Let Us Dream.” 

Join Rex How as he uses his insight as a publisher and author to introduce seven books to guide us through an understanding of the differences between Taiwan and South Korea—their people, and their futures.

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