Lessons From Nitobe Garden


During Julia’s time as a graduate student at the University of Oxford, she came across a book in the library written by a man named Nitobe Inazo. The discovery of the book and its content ultimately led to the creation of Julia’s paper and eventually, the Nitobe event which took place in March 2020 at UBC’s Nitobe Memorial Garden. Who is Nitobe, and what impact did he have in history? What is the connection between him and Korea and Taiwan? Come join Julia as she shares her findings and thoughts on the event, in addition to the unexpected reaction from the audience at the time. 

Having immigrated to Canada at a young age, Julia also discusses her experience of being Korean Canadian and the challenges surrounding her cultural identity. She mentions how feelings of doubt in one’s identity and the presence of generational disconnection is quite prevalent in the Asian Canadian and Korean Canadian communities. Julia’s interests and work in exploring Korean and Asian Canadian identity has allowed her to share her knowledge and opinions in a thought-provoking discussion, as she connects and relates historical events with current topics.

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Air Date on Sep 6th

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