How Do Asians Protest?


Professor Jina Kim’s Hope Talk revolves around two novellas that were written by respected female authors from Taiwan and South Korea. These two novellas that are introduced in her Hope Talk highlight the effects of post colonialism that link Taiwan and South Korea’s history together. Through the lens of Professor Kim, listeners can glance into her perspectives and take on how she interprets the messages and struggles from historical based fiction that were written by two female authors in a patriarchal time. 

As an educator at the University of Oregon, Professor Jina Kim is experienced in teaching students about Korean literature and culture in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures. She is also a published author who wrote a comparative study of modernist literature and culture emerging in Seoul and Taipei during the Japanese colonial era titled Urban Modernities in Colonial Korea and Taiwan. Many Canadians may be unaware about the Japanese colonialism era and its implications that still exist in modern day Taiwan and South Korea. Professor Kim’s Hope Talk is the perfect stepping stone for listeners to understand a side of history that is often ignored in Western media. 

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