Confucius or Confusions


Josephine Chiu-Duke is a professor teaching in the Asian Studies department at the University of British Columbia. Her background comprises the responsibility of teaching Chinese political thoughts, Chinese political institutions, and the history and culture of Taiwan. Having such a broad knowledge on topics that most Canadians are unfamiliar with, Professor Chiu-Duke’s Hope Talk is one that nobody would not want to miss.

Join Professor Chiu-Duke as she shares with her Hope Talk audience about her broad expertise regarding Confucianism; the philosophy and belief system that stems from ancient China. Her Hope Talk allows the audience to dismantle and put aside their previous prejudice and negative impressions on Confucianism. Listen in and try to answer the question she proposes: Is happiness or is democratic freedom more important for ordinary people? This intricate question that Professor Chiu-Duke proposes to her Hope Talk audience is one that seems simple but has many hidden layers to it. Even if her answer does not end up surprising most listeners, by tuning in to her Hope Talk, everyone can still learn something new from her response that emphasizes the importance of a Confucius perspective in regards to basic human rights coexisting with happiness. Professor Chiu-Duke’s memorable talk will be sure to capture all listeners’ hearts by her offering parallel connections on how modern day ideologies stem from the influence of Confucius’ teachings. Her Hope Talk will be intriguing to listeners of all ages and could relate to the historical influences of Confucianism that continue to cast a shadow in present day society. 

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Air Date on Aug 31st


Air Date on Aug 31st

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