Cheryl Robbins has been in Taiwan for over 25 years, and loves Taiwan’s ecological diversity as well as the friendliness and enthusiasm of the people. Visiting Indigenous tribes is one of her greatest interests. She welcomes tourists from different countries to go deep into the mountains and forests of Taiwan, becoming the bridge between these Indigenous groups and the outside. In Taiwan under this pandemic, how can she see the success of its pandemic prevention from the perspective of America and the observation of cultural differences between foreign countries and Taiwan? What kind of inspiration can Taiwan give with this opportunity to help countries around the world? Familiar with the Indigenous culture of Taiwan, Cheryl will tell us the current situation of the Indigenous groups of Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Japan from various aspects such as culture, scenery, tradition, and cuisine, and explain people’s misunderstandings about their culture. It is an informative conversation and important for international travellers.

A travel author who studies Indigenous culture and is also a cultural guide for Indigenous tribes’ in-depth visits; with a foreigner’s perspective and an enthusiasm for Taiwan, she is Taiwan’s most credible and influential international ambassador. She loves these cultures and found that although foreign tourists are equally interested, there are no English resources to explore. So she decided to serve as a bridge between the Indigenous groups of Taiwan and the world. Cheryl has visited all of Taiwan and has written four in-depth travel books about tribes in the north, central, south and east regions, which have become important guides for Indigenous culture and landscapes in various countries. She has also co-authored “True Love in Taiwan” with the then-Dutch Representative in Taiwan, Menno Goedhart, to discover the historical origins and connections between Taiwan and the Netherlands.


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Air Date on Sep 27th


Air Date on Sep 27th

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