JMF Conference - On the Rise
JMF Conference - On the Rise Mobile

Center Stage: On the Rise

You are invited to listen in on why and how Jade Music Festival is going to play a major role in Vancouver’s multicultural landscape and amongst the diverse Canadian music industry. Meet, greet, and introduce yourself to our most honoured guests. We are welcoming our distinguished music industry professionals from all over the world. Multi-platinum Canadian artist Tyler Shaw 葉銘恆 will also share his story, from his music career to pursuing his Hong Kong heritage.

Special Program:

Identity and Meaning-Making: Tyler Shaw on Discovering His Chinese Canadian Roots

Multi-platinum award-winning artist Tyler Shaw 葉銘恆 shares meaningful antidotes and insights behind his rise to fame, navigating the music industry and realizing his identity and the role it plays in his growth both personally and professionally.

Venue / Time

Dec 1st / 9:00 am – 10:05 am
ANNEX, Downtown Vancouver

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