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2021 TAIWANfest


New World

Throughout the existence of humanity, people explore, experiment and evolve generations after generations.

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Hope Talk 07 Michael Hollet ft Jang Dai Im

Their World of Music

Over the past 20 years, the music market and industries have gradually developed into an unimaginable appearance; musicians are using their creations to express themselves for social movements and sparking global trends and activism.

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V-Taiwan, Please Answer

Taiwan, Please Answer

However, through writing this book and researching about Canada, they find themselves taking new perspectives examining their own understanding of being Taiwanese.

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V-Julia Park

Lessons From Nitobe Garden

Julia’s interests and work in exploring Korean and Asian Canadian identity has allowed her to share her knowledge and opinions in a thought-provoking discussion, as she connects and relates historical events with current topics.

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V-Jina Kim

How do Asians Protest?

Many Canadians may be unaware about the Japanese colonialism era and its implications that still exist in modern day Taiwan and South Korea. Professor Kim’s Hope Talk is the perfect stepping stone for listeners to understand a side of history that is often ignored in Western media.

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V-Josephine Chiu-Duke


Listen in and try to answer the question she proposes: Is happiness or is democratic freedom more important for ordinary people? This intricate question that Professor Chiu-Duke proposes to her Hope Talk audience is one that seems simple but has many hidden layers to it.

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V-Pastor Young Tae Choi

Korean in Vancouver

An artist since youth and a former filmmaker of Korean films with projects such as In Love and War (2011) under his belt, what moved Rev. Choi to leave the industry and become a pastor?

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Vancouver is A Safe Place

Riding around downtown as a traffic officer on a hot summer day in 2018, what did he see along Granville Street that inspired him to engage in bringing the community together?

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V-Derek Chan

Yellow Objects

Inspired by the strength of the Hong Kong people, Derek created the work yellow objects to add his voice to the conversation.

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T-Janis Monture

Save the Evidence

Viewers will get to see the different rooms in the school, from the girls’ and boys’ dormitories, the cafeteria, laundry room, and other rooms throughout the building, as well as hear interviews from five Survivors of the Mohawk Institute.

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