2021 School Outreach

Firecracker Workshop


Firecrackers are a long-running Lunar New Year tradition in some Asian cultures to scare away evil spirits or beasts. We can take this opportunity to start the year anew with resolutions and the importance of family in mind. These resolutions could be finding ways to protect ourselves, family members, friends, communities, countries or the mother earth. And as the pandemic must have had an impact on the ways children see the world, the tradition of the firecracker is a good way to reflect on what everyone can do to protect one another.

2021 LunarFest invites all teachers and students to start fresh and celebrate the Lunar New Year with a bang!

Master paper artist Hsin Fu Hung leads this series of virtual workshops, sharing his knowledge and experience of using paper and imagination to create intricate and colourful works. Students will get a chance to learn about the history and meaning of firecrackers during the Lunar New Year, then try to make their own decorative paper firecracker which can be made using any paper found in the classroom. When completed, it becomes a toy that makes a fun firecracker sound, and together, students can make a “firecracker concert” in their classroom!

To maintain safety, this year’s School Tour will be in a virtual format, allowing students to have the same fun and create experience! Please note, these firecrackers are non-functional paper crafts and for decoration only.

Venue / Time


Jan 14th – Feb 22nd, 2021
Primary Schools – Virtual Workshops


Jan 14th – Feb 22nd, 2021
Primary Schools – Virtual Workshops


Jan 28th, 2021
Primary School – Virtual Workshop

The Greater Toronto Area

Jan 14th – Feb 22nd, 2021
Primary Schools – Virtual Workshops

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