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2019 TAIWANfest

2019 TAIWANfest - Taiwan New DNA

Taiwan New DNA

Taiwan New DNA Shih Chien University Fashion Department    The issues that Indigenous people face are not the issues of others. Instead, they are Taiwan’s issues, which are also our issues! Before the Qing emigration to Taiwan in the 17th century, the Indigenous people had been living in Taiwan for over 8000 years. After changing

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2019 TAIWANfest My Journey in Taiwan

My Journey in Taiwan as a Newcomer from Vietnam

My Journey in Taiwan as a Newcomer from Vietnam Caroline Nguyễn   As an overseas student studying Mandarin in Taiwan, how did she become a YouTuber who brought Taiwanese and Vietnamese cultures closer? How did she then become the co-emcee for the ceremony of the National Day in Taiwan, as the first newcomer to ever

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2019 TAIWANfest - Music & My Journey of Identities

Music and My Journey of Identities

Music and My Journey of Identities Suana Emuy Cilangasay   Taiwanese Indigenous musician Suana Emuy Cilangasay discovered he wasn’t Minnanese when he was 14 years old., but his parents were in fact Amis and Sakizaya people. What kind of experience did Suana’s family go through? They chose to hide their identity and started a long

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2019 TAIWANfest - Stunning Virtuosity

Stunning Virtuosity

Stunning Virtuosity Ju Percussion   Rhythm is like a heartbeat. Knocking and striking are within our natural instincts. With a passion for percussion and the performing arts, the Ju Percussion Group – which sees Taiwan as their roots and sees the world as their stage – has visited 33 countries and regions all around the

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2019 TAIWANfest - Celebrate Women Concert

Celebrate Women Concert

Celebrate Women Concert Concert by Maestro Ken HsiehSimon Fraser University Concert Orchestra The Vietnamese of the previous generation boarded boats and, riding through the waves, arrived into an unknown land called Canada to create a new home by hand. Modern Vietnamese cross the ocean and arrive at the island of Taiwan to work, study, and

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