2017 Festival Programs

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  • We Are Canadians Too - Narrative of Beauty
    Narrative of Beauty
    Experience the captivating narrative that is beauty in ballet. With excerpts from the timeless classic Sleeping Beauty, selections from…
  • WACT Canada 150 Games
    Canada 150 Games
    Discover something new about your neighbours at the Canada 150 Games! Join the many different communities participating in the…
  • Performance
    Celebrate the Accents
    What is a definitive Canadian accent? We?re about much more than our ?eh?s to ?zed?s! Discover the stories of…
  • First Connections
    First Connections
    The first time in a new place is always a fresh and unique experience – all the more so…
  • Cultural Fabric
    Cultural Fabrics
    Fashion is synonymous to culture, and both are always growing and evolving. Few industries other than fashion are as…
  • BBQ
    Cultural Flavours
    An outdoor barbeque is a July 1st staple, but rather than hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks, let’s spice things…
  • We Are Canadians Too - UBC A Capella
    UBC A Capella
    A close-knit family of singers, songwriters, and vocal percussionists, the club’s rehearsals are full of singing, collaborating, laughing and…
  • We Are Canadians, Too! Orchid Ensemble
    Orchid Ensemble
    The ensemble is celebrating its 20th anniversary with multimedia concert “Music of the Heavens” on Nov 23 at Norman…
  • WACT Performance Slovak Dance
    Slovak Cultural Dance
    The Slovak Folklore Society was established in May 2013 but its first performance was during Eurofest 2011 under the…
  • WACT Performance - Get Bent
    Get Bent!
    Celine and Elaina have been dancing together for 10 years with Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancing. The style they will…
  • WACT Okinawa Taiko Icon
    Vancouver Okinawa Taiko
    Vancouver Okinawa Taiko, formerly known as Yuaikai Ryukyu Taiko, is an Okinawan taiko dance group that was formed in…
  • WACT
    The Exotic Nuance of Indonesia
    Dancers and fashionistas of the Indonesian community bring the colourful glamour of Indonesia to life! Kangkung Bandung -…
  • Performance
    Whimsy’s Quest for an Identity
    Whimsy is a little girl who is working on the most challenging task ? the task of growing up….

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